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AIM aim.exe

Item Name: AIM  File Name: aim.exe
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The aim.exe process is an executable file of the AOL Instant Messenger application. It is designed for instant messaging online.

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The aim.exe process is not an essential file to the computer system. It is a user invoked program and a normal part of PC operations. You can disable it or even remove it from the system startup list in order to save more resources and speed up the system boot. If you need to use AOL Instant Messenger, you can launch it manually from the "Start" menu or other shortcuts. 

Users Opinions

no user
AOL Instant Messenger. If connected to the internet, automatically runs up AIM. Convenience more than anything. Available via Start -> Programs
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Stupid for startup
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no user
Having AIM start automatically is silly.
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no user
Not stupid or silly if you keep AIM on often and aren't sitting at your desk fidgeting over the extra 1 second. Glary shouldn't be removing this by default.
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Dave A.
I use AIM every day and users can change whether or not they want AIM starting with the computer using the Settings (F7) menu.
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