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There’s no longer any need to adjust the settings on your scanner for each job you want it to do. Event Manager can program your scanner to carry out a different project for each event, like pushing the Start button on your scanner or inserting a disc into the disc drive. Event Manager continually monitors your system, and automatically carries out the assigned project for each event.  More information
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Damien Wilson
As Fred says, the process constantly monitors your system for print events. Not starting this automatically may prevent printing.
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The EPSON Event Manager should be left to startup on a boot (it only takes 1/10th of a second to load and if that slows your system down, you've got bigger getting rid of that piece of junk you call a "computer" and upgrading it with a bigger power supply, get an up-to-date motherboard that can eliminate the need for several peripheral add-ons [e.g. 1GB LAN/Eithernet, Sound Card of decent quality, SATA ports - should have at least 4, drives are CHEAP], a new ASUS FX one the true multi-core CPUs, [you do nothing but throw away your money falling for the "Intel Inside.." marketing hype/crap, minimum RAM should be 6-12GB's [I run with 32GB's and it makes a very good improvement, but could use 256GB's, but I won't be in need of a new motherboard for another few years], add more fans, etc.). This utility makes it simple to create/customize a handful of special functions making custom printing processes a simple 1-click and run. Do those things and you'll have a system that can be called a computer and run rings around many other over-priced systems. Good luck!
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William Sommerwerck
I\'ve had this disabled for some time, and have not had problems printing anything.
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