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Item Name: Google Update  File Name: GoogleUpdate.exe
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Part of the Google Desktop search tool. Can be disable if need be.
popularity 44 negativ 7 report Report Abuse
Part of Google apps, not needed
popularity 20 negativ 21 report Report Abuse
Kavi Jivan
Process to help keep Chrome up to date
popularity 46 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Functions as the users above have described it. Re-enables itself even though you disable it from starting up, persistent program.
popularity 23 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
To "keep Chrome up to date " ?!? I don't have Chrome installed, thus it's there??? Plainly stupid !!
popularity 3 negativ 8 report Report Abuse
Used to keep google chrome automatically up-to-date. It is also installed with many of google's other apps like google earth, picasa etc to keep them up to date also. This process has minimal impact on resources and is useful to auto update your google apps, I would leave it enabled.  More information
popularity 162 negativ 115 report Report Abuse
Nomad Soul
Google Updater  More information
popularity 9 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
Il me permait de garder un icon dans la bar de tache qui averti si mon moteur de recherche veut etre changer.
popularity 2 negativ 44 report Report Abuse
Updater for Chrome and other Programms from Google
popularity 4 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
You might as well leave it be,Like Daniel said, It Re-enables itself anyway! Plus it certainly won't hurt anything.
popularity 4 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Useful update for Chrome
popularity 1 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
Persistant program that installs with ANY google software. Chrome, Earth, Toolbar, Etc. If you've had a google product on your computer than this program was installed along with it. You can disable it 100x over, but it will just keep coming back. Its not really a nuisance, but if you're running a computer that cant spare the 5-6,000 kbytes it needs to run, then use revo uninstaller, or some other software removal tool.
popularity 14 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
no user
зачем в автозапуске
popularity 16 negativ 20 report Report Abuse
An updater for all Google software just not chrome. Its up to the user on if they deem it necessary or not~
popularity 2 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Peter Pan
You don't need GoogleUpdate.exe. Not even to keep Chrome up to date. Chrome updates itself everytime you start Chrome. And if you really want to make sure, click the "Tools" icon, then About Chrome". In the bottom left you should see a green square with a tick to indicate your Chrome version is up to date. If it isn't, you should see the "Chrome is being updated" message where the tick should have been. So untick GoogleUpdate.exe in msconfig, or Autoruns or Windows Defender, or whatever program you use to edit your startup programs.
popularity 11 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Applications Developer
This is evil software, its intent is benign but its methods and access are insidious. It runs whenever it wants and looks at every site you visit, every keystroke you enter and reports to google whatever they want to look at of your activities. Currently, this is reported to be just your general browsing habits for targeted advertising, but could easily include your bank and credit card accounts and passwords...oops, accidently uploaded, unencrypted all over the internet. There is no current way to remove this if you use the google chrome browser. It will reinstall itself and restart itself if you attempt to kill it from the task manager. This is evil software.
popularity 24 negativ 15 report Report Abuse
BION I'm imerspsed! Cool post!  More information
popularity 0 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
google very good  More information
popularity 1 negativ 5 report Report Abuse
believe appl. dev. opin above!! i'm about ready to toss everything I have thats google and use alternatives. This google call phone, has had same problems for MONTHS and they do nothing! My clearwire email changed to gmail and I had to agree to give them carte blanche to read it anytime they wanted. CHECK THE LEGAL!! I couldn't access my clearwire email till i agreed!! Should sue the living sh*t out of them!!
popularity 16 negativ 11 report Report Abuse
Chrome update
popularity 5 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
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