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IAA Event Monitor User Notification Tool - part of Intel? Application Accelerator - "a performance software package for desktop PCs using select Intel? chipsets" that "replaces the ATA drivers that come with Windows with drivers optimized for desktop and mobile PCs." If you use the RAID version it's required to notify you if a RAID 1 disk has failed
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not sure weather i need this or not it kinda looks important but i reli think it can run fine without it...
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Kent Waara
i tried to uninstall it when i bought my pc ( new ) = after my pc worked but i had some problems with something i dont remember now, after re-installation my pc and (i) was in good mood again .
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It is Intel Event Monitor – IAANOTIF.EXE Iaanotif.exe is the IAA Event Monitor User Notification Tool. It installs with Intel\'s Application Accelerator. This program improves performance on PCs using certain Intel chipsets. It replaces the ATA drivers that come with Windows with their own drivers that are \"optimized for desktop and mobile PCs.\" Intel recommends leaving this file in place. More information can be found at http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/iaa/.  More information
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no user
Part of Intel SATA drivers. Required for highest performance with Intel Storage Manager, but not required to use the hard disk.
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Jon Birmingham UK
If you have a system RAID you do need to leave this to do its job, and hope it never notifys you of a RAID 1 disk fail.
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Disable this or it will take a 2H!T on your keyboard when you ain`t looking hahaha n00bz... Seriously its just an intel raid notification software you can disable if you like!(;
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Contrôleur disque Intel : OK
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It works in conjuction with IanvSrv.exe and Iantmon.exe. Thes programs are part of the driver pack for on-board 1 gig "Itel Turbo Cache" chip. Not required on most computers just usually higher end equipment and better laptops equiped with the extra turbo (solid state memory) cache. All 3 services use less than 3MB of memory, at that i can leave it on, especially if it makes my turbo ram page faster  More information
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I just wrote in about turning off service in msconfig startup. No problems. Just event logging to wmi. Didn't speed up system much, but divx updater was using 13% of cpu. it's so not that important. adobe, too, uses these. uncheck em all, i say.
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buono,anche se non procede in modo update automaticAMENETE
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