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Persistence igfxpers.exe

Item Name: Persistence  File Name: igfxpers.exe
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Configuration utility for Intel NVidia Graphics Chipsets - If you change video resolutions (or use games that automatically run at different resolutions than your established preference), you need it.  More information
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safe  More information
popularity 34 negativ 201 report Report Abuse
This goes with my intel chipset.
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use when needed  More information
popularity 5 negativ 716 report Report Abuse
Persistence is not necessary for startup. It is usually run infrequently and can be started manually if needed. Associated with the Common User Interface module for Intel graphics cards Per
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I see it multiple times in different directories including the Windows\\System32 directory. This is on the same system that is having these problems: Directories under My Documents are moved under a newly created directory that matches the name of the server “login Bat file” in our case it is file “262.bat” and the files within these folders are deleted. This directory also replicates itself under its own root with all subdirectories each time you enter it. This is the only computer in our office doing this while other computers use the same login bat file which just maps a network drive. I have removed the hard disk from this system and scanned it with 3 different virus scanners. Norton AV Corp Edition, AVG and F-Prot. I have opted to delete this file as suspect because of its multiple locations and unnecessary
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Sounds unnecessary.
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This is for automatic switching between resolutions. Needed mostly for people with a docking station with a monitor attached to it.
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Note Andreas\' comment relating to docking station switching
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Also convenient if you switch to a large monitor for viewing videos & DVDs.
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I\'m scared of it, but I let it run because I don\'t know what else to do with it.
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Windows Genius
igfxtray.exe,hkcmd.exe and igfxpers.exe eat more that 10 MB of my precios RAM. disable them from starting and then just make a shortcut on desktop to c:\\windows\\system32\\igfxcfg.exe
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o pessoal falou, comentou mas não explicou para que serve esta tranqueira. resutado: deleta esta traqueira na raiz do registro isto não serve pra nada a não ser abrir portas para invasão de teu sistema.
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This forum fixed my problem  More information
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I had the problem with igfxpers msg with every bootup. I downloaded the latest version of Intel Graphic Driver and it eliminated getting the startup messages.
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I live i learn, I will shut it down.
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Saalwirth Jan
Java Schnittstelle
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for graphics card.
popularity 69 negativ 7 report Report Abuse
hmmmm... anyone know anything DEFINITIVE... get bak to me..
popularity 29 negativ 113 report Report Abuse
helps with setting up a digital projector or alternate monitor.
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