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QuickTime Task qttask.exe

Item Name: QuickTime Task  File Name: qttask.exe
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Paul P.
It\'s really not needed.. just helps Apple Quicktime startup a bit faster.
popularity 10 negativ 15 report Report Abuse
I remove it as well but it keeps returning upon reboot. If it wasn\'t necessary for some of my programs I would delete it, but I can\'t.
popularity 12 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
p. sweeney
useless to me. i keep removing it from startup but it keeps coming back.
popularity 5 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
it\'s so useful...
popularity 4 negativ 18 report Report Abuse
Just a pain, what is it with programme writters, that they think their programme is more important than the user.
popularity 9 negativ 2 report Report Abuse
do not need it on start up get rid of it
popularity 6 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
popularity 2 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
Distributed by stable company
popularity 0 negativ 11 report Report Abuse
popularity 7 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
Slows down your computer
popularity 11 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
The bad press alone from annoyed users would be enough to make them stop this, one would think. Furthermore, now they are only bundling the player (which you prolly HAVE to have for one reason or another) with ITUNES - another Apple monstrosity, with DRM no less - so you can\'t get the player by itself. Would somebody PLEASE make a QT alternative that works without having to install Quicktime??
popularity 79 negativ 2 report Report Abuse
May be save but resource-wasting background process, but may also be a known virus or trojan. Either way, I would get rid of it. There\'s no need for the taskbar icon or auto-startup.
popularity 3 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
Tom Oliver
Thanks for the comments. I will leave it alone as most of you say that it keeps coming back after it is removed.
popularity 3 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
Perri Poirier
Quicktime checks to see if the entry is present and restores it if it has been removed. WORKAROUND: place a ; (semi colon)in front of the entry, which turns it into a registry remark rather than a function.
popularity 28 negativ 5 report Report Abuse
keep turning it off, it keeps coming back! slows older computers down, completely unneccisary, and as far as i can see, IMPOSSIBLE TO GET RID OF !!!
popularity 0 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
Chrome & Steel
Unnecessary and most folks don\'t use it. The qttask.exe process provides a system tray icon that you can use for quick access to the QuickTime application and additional settings. If you use the system tray icon to launch QuickTime you should leave this process running, otherwise you can terminate it to free up system resources and/or space on your start bar.  More information
popularity 2 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
RightClick over the taskbar icon Select \"Quicktime Preferences\" From dropdown select \"Browser Plugin\" UnTick Quicktime System Tray icon
popularity 9 negativ 8 report Report Abuse
Nick C
Here\'s how to delete it for good  More information
popularity 1 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
nat  More information
popularity 0 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
Brian Pearson
Safe but annoying and unnecessary. Must be disabled; simply removing from the registry will result in Quicktime restoring the entry upon the next the program run.
popularity 1 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
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