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Mike Ronga
MagicJack for VOIP and very cheap. Works great..
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works well but would like the softwareloading dialog box to be much smaller and not in-my-face centerscreen till its finished. wish callcenter wouldgo to a smaller version and not come up large in-my-face centerscreen
popularity 2 negativ 4 report Report Abuse
Its for Magic Jack, I know some ppl dont like but cheap phone calls rule.20 bucks a year:)
popularity 3 negativ 0 report Report Abuse
Would prefer being able to load this device last, after starting the network, AVG, etc. Sometimes prevents other tray apps from loading, but it insists on starting first..
popularity 6 negativ 2 report Report Abuse
Yeah it ain\'t perfect but it sure is worth no pay phone calls.I dont like big screen but I can deal with it.Many say it has all kinds of spyware but I find this to be not true.(We took a very close look,if you know what I mean)It does seem to work better with XP.
popularity 0 negativ 3 report Report Abuse
magicjack phone! Its fine and safe (so far) just min. to tray if it bugs you!
popularity 3 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
Been using MagicJack since April of 2008 and find it to be a fantastic money saver. I could care less about the size of the interface and whether it loads first or not.
popularity 3 negativ 1 report Report Abuse
All Is Well In NJ
hate this in your face screen at startup while other, more important things are going on. The fact that it occupies screen, ON-TOP annoys the heck out of me. I leave my majicJack unplugged until after I start doing what I came to do on my PC. Why can't they just silently do what magicJack has to do in background... like make it a service or something.
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magic jack consumer
there are ways to run magic jack as a service that you can find thru google searches .
popularity 1 negativ 4 report Report Abuse
What I find is so incredibly bizarre is that (the corporate management of) Magic Jack is so difficult to contact, and even more difficult to offer our USEFUL suggestions to. It seems abundantly apparent that they don't have anyone dedicated to scrubbing the internet looking for consumer feedback which would help them gain a more appreciable public opinion.
popularity 12 negativ 2 report Report Abuse
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