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DiamondCS ProcessGuard security software - stops malicious worms and trojans from being executed silently in the background, as well as a variety of other attacks. You will see one instant of pgaccount.exe for every active account on your system, and this is essential for PG to work properly
{68D4EB58-1DF5-4E29-A2F7-E5E433E7EEC7}  pcalua.exe {9DAE13DA-6A10-4253-B419-61E05E05AECE}  pcalua.exe {AFE9FBEE-35C9-4FDA-94B7-3F0AC6F00420}  pcalua.exe
{F2E3A612-3958-4F76-8A50-69E4A15A9DA7}  pcalua.exe {0843070D-BFF1-470E-BE5F-F44B8A8D892B}  BBAuthor.exe {272CA9C2-349D-4C36-B1DC-FD6D5B264252}  pcalua.exe
{9BFE46C2-E594-4514-A505-F58C1DA405BA}  pcalua.exe {E9F7FCC0-D9C1-4ED3-98EB-AFAB114FBAF5}  VIDCAP32.EXE {686D64D8-DD41-4252-A8AF-FBD6232A05B4}  VIDCAP32.EXE
{88B43C4B-8CCF-490A-9BB5-3F8E2A02C9EC}  TrueImage.exe {B040F292-EB2E-4454-9109-98BA2FD2D5A1}  setup.exe {F8346722-1DFF-473A-A9B5-58B28EFD9455}  H5_Game.exe
5040  wscript.exe 魔方网管  netmaster.exe „Google“ naujinimas“ paslauga (gupdatem)  GoogleUpdate.exe
„Google“ naujinimas“ paslauga (gupdate)  GoogleUpdate.exe {A8A9F382-2451-4E3B-A61E-C7E1FDE2AA09}  WINWORD.EXE Библид`´-t.´,4`4,4`tb4.4`4-t/t.4cÈ4-    EhStorShell.dll
Библид`´-t.´,4`4,4`tb4.4`4-t/t.4cÈ4-    EhStorShell.dll   Instalace Диспетчер сеансов диспетче  uxsms.dll
Доступ к HID-устрд.t`t`´,´,4/  hidserv.dll Прд,´/´-4/t,4cÈ4,4,´`´- Ý - BçBëB  dot3svc.dll Прд`t.ô`ôb4.4,´,4`´-t.ôc4-4- Í  Ý ] ’ =   ListSvc.dll
Служба перечислителя перен  wpdbusenum.dll Служба помдbt/t.4.´,4/ô"  í - Í ]-  pcasvc.dll Агент защиты сетевд,ô/ˆ4-4--=  qagentRT.dll
37D4130142774866CD36DC258E986E6E549F4D37._service_  chrome.exe Служба сведений о подключеР nlasvc.dll Информация о совместимости  aelupsvc.dll
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