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Only usefull if you have ARM (processor) technology on your pc. If you don't have ARM (processor) technology on your pc, disable it, cause then it's useless.
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Not necessary
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Adobe Updater  More information
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Luiz Fernando
I know that, this program, should be an sub-program of Adobe Reader, of the newer versions.
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Luiz Fernando
No, Adobe ARM, NOT is a version of ARM processor, windows NOT run in these processors. ARM is Adobe Reader and acrobat Manager
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Luiz Fernando
Oh, now I remember. This is the new updater of Adobe Reader, now it is off of the main program, not more a menu item. Again, ARM in this case, is: A dobe R eader and acrobat M anager (ARM) Not the processor ARM
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solo es util si tienes procesador ARM en tu pc. cas contrari desactivalo porque no es necesario es un subprograma de abode reader.
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its apart of adobe 9 its fine to leave it
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You are correct - it is part of Adobe Acrobat, you are WRONG to say just leave it. Adobe is starting to develop some of the worst spyware in the business, you should not just allow them access to anything in your computer.
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Not a big deal. Also, what's with all this anti-adobe mood in the air? o.O
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Not needed, especially is you are in corporate environment and manage al patching centrally. Why anti-Adobe. As one of those managers of central patching for a large company, I have found Adobe software to be the WORST to upgrade consistantly. Just very very crappy written updates!
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Well avira mcafee norton nod32 and MSE have nothing to say about it and spyware doctor
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It is a worthless piece of junk and Adobe need to wake up and stop loading down customers machines with trash. I am sick of them automatically deploying multiple programs every time they upgrade Acrobat Reader. This is MY machine not theirs and I use it for other things than Acrobat Reader. My patience with this is at an end and I am about to switch to an alternate PDF reader.
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Rew P
Crapware, just disable it
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J Fensel
You ask- what is this anti-Adobe mood in the air? Take a close look at the user agreement for the Adobe Reader software, and see if you would let any other provider have that sort of access to your system. Because it's freeware from a major name in the industry, people don't seem to be aware of what they agree to.
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Dayton VH
My anti-Adobe sentiment stems from their habit of littering my system with "speed loaders" and "updater" processes, which take up resources whether you're actually using Adobe anything. If WinAmp, Winzip, Firefox, OpenOffice, Pidgin, Notepad++ and all the other programs that I use every day, all littered the system the way Acrobat Reader does, my computer would be nigh unusable.
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What is an ARM processor?
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The randomly-timed popups this thing produces alarm users, who cannot tell if they are genuine, or being produced by a malicious webpage trying to spoof them into downloading malware. I had to spend a considerable amount of time tracking-down a report of suspected malware, only to find that this was the 'culprit.'
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Marcus J.
I don't like useless junk running on my system so I disabled it. I will manually update Adobe Reader, or use a competitors services but that will be my decision to make.
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use linux instead :-)
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