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Adobe Photo Downloader apdproxy.exe

Item Name: Adobe Photo Downloader File Name: apdproxy.exe
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apdproxy.exe is a process belonging to Adobe Photoshop Album. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. More information
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I think this is the tray icon that lets you launch, disable, or exit Adobe Photoshop Album Edition 3.2. The link below will take you to the adobe web page where you can get more information, download a copy of the software, and a copy of the manual in .pdf. More information
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Safe. But not nesseary to load during launch, unless Adobe Photoshop is used after every boot-up. Disabling it will result in a slightly longer startup.
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Safe, but very, very, very annoying. Every time you plug in a flash drive, camera card, or anything that stores pictures, it shows a window with all the pictures, then asks you if you want to import them. So f***ing ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides, it hogs your memory when you don't use the very bloated photoshop because it loads part of Photoshop before you need to use it.
apdproxy.exe-hater of Issengaurd!
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ok, great tips here given by some people as to what this apdproxy.exe is and does and how annoying it is, which is my case too, but could anyone tell how to get rid of this thing so it won't load by itself upon every boot up?
Alan Yossarian
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use start menu > run > msconfig > startup tab to disable it at startup, but as said earlier I wouldn't recommend disable if you aren't having problems. However, if you get rid of it and you don't notice any recurring problems its not a big deal, is it?
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keeps reappearing on start up after using the 30 sec. delay.
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Yeah, you can take it out via msconfig as much as you want... there's something in there somewhere that RECREATES the startup process every time. Soooo annoying!!
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Very annoying. If you disable it, photoshop will re-enable it the next time you open it. You have to go into photoshop "organizer" preferences, then click camera, then uncheck there.
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You have to disable it from Photoshop Elements under Preference>Camera and Card Reader
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