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DAEMON Tools-1033 daemon.exe

Item Name: DAEMON Tools-1033 File Name: daemon.exe
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Software to mount image file, it's ok, but spyware a little..
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I haven't noticed any spyware on it however you don't need it on startup-it can be accessed manually from the desktop icon.
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This is not spyware or spyware like. The software is used to mount CD and DVD image files and will emulate common protection schemes allowing backup disks to work. More information
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good program. i need it run at startup so it will mount cds automatically. by the way version 3.xx dont have any spyware.
Peach Taster
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Not required to be a startup item, but if you use it often it can be handy to have the icon in the system tray. The program will mount CD image files and also emulates the copy protection schemes so you can run the programs without needing a CD or DVD in a drive. It is very handy for netbooks and other small computers that do not have an optical drive.
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